Daniel Perez California Visit

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! While on Christmas vacation, I paid a visit to long-time Bigfoot researcher and Paterson/Gimlin film expert Daniel Perez, Daniel resides in Riverside California. I had met Daniel before, but it’s always good to see friends from the west coast. His collection of Bigfoot memorabilia is outstanding, but is still overshadowed by his Patterson/Gimlin Bluff Creek films, slides and beautiful color prints concerning all the research work he has completed so far on the P/G film. I never fully understood just how much important information the P/G film still has to offer. Daniel is working with other professionals to prove the creature in the P/G film is not a man in a suit, I listened to what Daniel had to say about his future work and I believe the work is very informative and scientific in nature. WWW.BigfootTimes.Net Hair DNA testing is still ongoing and results will be posted as soon as they come in. Thank you! Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization, Virginia Bigfoot Researchers Organization and VBRO are trademarks of the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization, Manassas, VA.

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