Initial DNA test results.

I didn’t want February to slip by without some current news concerning the suspected Bigfoot/Sasquatch hair DNA testing. Some initial results have come back from the DNA laboratory. Under initial microscopic examination a large number of hairs have been identified, a majority of the hair found in the matted hair sample were determined to closely match the characteristics of human hair. A fractional number of animal hairs were also found within the same matted hair sample. Upon microscopic examination, animal hairs were found to be from a Black Bear and the other was determined to be from a dog. So far, the DNA testing has already confirmed the existence of dog hair in the matted hair sample from the southern Virginia Research location. The human type hair is currently undergoing DNA testing overseas and we should have results from that testing sometime in March. So at the present time, we have several large matted hair samples taken from a documented Bigfoot sighting location, each contain a large majority of hair that closely matches the characteristics of human hair, a relatively small percentage of Black Bear hair and also dog hair. Let’s not forget that within that same matted hair sample, fleas were also found. I will wait for the results to come back from the DNA laboratory concerning the human type hair before I reach any conclusion on how all these different types of hair and fleas can somehow be present in one matted hair sample. Note: Microscopic hair identification was completed at the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization’s forensic lab, National Museum of Natural History and at the facilities of a PhD. presently located in Oregon.

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