Hair DNA testing results.

Hello everyone, I was hoping to display the DNA results of the hair taken from the southern Virginia Bigfoot research site before the Washington City Paper article was printed. Unfortunately, the promised email detailing the DNA testing methods used and the official results have not been sent yet. I can tell you the results of the DNA testing pointed to a Wolf or Dog as being the host of the hair. As soon as I receive the email from Copenhagen DNA Institute, I will post it to the blog. A quick rundown on the hair testing. I suspected the hair found at the Southern Virginia Research location could possible be from a Bigfoot/Sasquatch type creature because of the multiple eyewitness sightings at that location as well as the microscopic examination I conducted with my own equipment. I also send some samples to a gentleman in Oregon that studies hair, especially possible Sasquatch hair. He wrote back the hair belonged to a Black Bear. I then contacted a Scientist at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. The Scientist agreed to examine the hair and conduct microscopic analysis on it. The conclusion sent to me by mail was the hair was close to human. About a month later, I received another letter stating the hair belonged to a Llama, which is right? With this information, I decided to send some of the hair to an Arizona lab where they would conduct hair mineral analysis testing. The testing was completed and the results were, human, just not a modern day one! The lack of processed food minerals in the hair indicated that the host did not eat processed foods. Processed foods comprise of almost everyone’s diet at one time or another. If the hair belonged to a dog or Llama, the hair mineral testing would have show high levels of processed food minerals in the hair since foods for these animals involve processing with many other ingredients. The hair mineral testing also showed similarities with other Bigfoot/Sasquatch hair mineral testing that has been completed in Russia and China. Loaded with this information, I approached a University PhD here on the East Coast and presented my findings concerning the hair. Initially the response was thanks, but no thanks. Within hours, I emailed him the report I wrote up detailing the testing that had already been completed on the hair. A couple days later he emailed back asking when they could start the DNA testing, I was elated because the DNA testing would finally determine the host of the hair. After several months, I received the answer, wolf, more likely dog. I was stunned by the DNA outcome, and also because of the multiple answers I received from the members of the Scientific Community that tested the hair, everyone involved had a different conclusion to the hairs origin. The samples I provided the scientists came from the same matted hair mass. I microscopically examined all the hairs that were sent out to each of the scientists to make sure all the hairs tested were from the same sample provided to the National Museum of Natural History for testing. The quest to determine the host of the hair from the Virginia Bigfoot Research location is over for me. I will accept the DNA laboratories conclusion that the hair is in fact from a wolf or a dog, even though the hair looks nothing like wolf or dog hair. I will still collect possible Bigfoot hairs from eyewitness locations if just for my own research and documentation. This was a tough lesson for me as I relied on many professionals along the way thinking their conclusions would document the fact that the hair came from one type of animal, boy, was I wrong. The results from this round of hair testing are as bizarre as the creature we seek. I would like to thank Eric Wills for doing such a good on the Washington City Paper article. We had a great time in the field and I thin Eric learned a thing or two about the existence of the Bigfoot creatures. I know these creatures exist, so take a weekend and go biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking or just take a nice stroll through the woods, maybe you will be lucky and catch a fleeting glimpse of these wonderful creatures. If you don’t see one, the days not lost, at least you spent some quality time with Nature. Here is the link to the article, I hope you can reach it from this blog.

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