Just another Biscardi, my new word for HOAX!

I have been watching this Georgia Bigfoot story since it first started a few weeks ago. I have watched the YouTube videos concerning the two Georgia men and have known about Mr. Tom Biscardi’s broken promises from past Bigfoot promotions. In my opinion, the two men from Georgia and Mr. Tom Biscardi have perpetrated a hoax on the entire world. They claimed to have found a flesh and blood Bigfoot creature and presented it to the world as the truth. These men even called a press conference in California yesterday which was covered extensively by the entire media. The Biscardi group promised exclusive proof that the creature they possessed, was in fact a flesh and blood Bigfoot creature. What the media and the public received was 30 minutes of rambling by the three and a couple pictures that proved nothing. The damages that these men have brought to the serious Bigfoot research field is devastating. There has been a resurgence of Bigfoot interest in the media over the years and several scientists have risked their careers and stepped forward to at least look at the evidence Bigfoot researchers produce. I’m sorry to say that the hoax perpetrated by Mr. Biscardi and the two Georgia men will prevent actual Bigfoot eyewitnesses from coming forward with their stories. It is an extremely sad time for the researchers that have spent many years of their lives collecting data to scientifically prove that these creatures do in fact exist. My research will continue and I hope others continue with their quests, maybe one day, good old scientific principles will prevail. As to the men that participated and those that still help promote this hoax, I hope some type of formal criminal charges can be brought against them. I know one Georgia Police Officer that will be looking for a job when he gets off his medical disability. As for Biscardi, I hope he finds the help he desperately needs.

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