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As they say, time flies, it has been a very busy two months. Some goals that have been achieved included the first production order of the custom EyeGotcha digital video recorders. This was a huge step towards deploying a large number of the EyeGotcha digital video surveillance systems in remote forest areas where we conduct research. The EyeGotcha surveillance systems modular design allows you to purchase a very basic digital video surveillance system, but also allows you to upgrade your system as your research intensifies. Its simple design and operational features makes it a sure winner. Keeping the design and operation of the unit simple has always been very important to me. The DVD quality video looks great and the audio naturally enhances the recordings. The units will soon be for sale under the www.EyeGotcha.Com website. The website is not operational yet, but I will post it here when it becomes operational. I will be posting another blog sometime later this week concerning the VBRO and another East Coast Research group. We will be combining our talents to generate strong forward momentum dearly needed in this research, so please check back. Until then, William M. Dranginis Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization.

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