As promised, I would like to pass on the website information for CEDAR, the Center for Exploration and Documentation of Anomaly Reports. You can find it here www.CedarFiles.Org. The CEDAR website will be updated as reports come in, so please check back from time to time. At this time, CEDAR is requesting sightings from people that have seen strange animals in Virginia and Maryland to contact us through the CEDAR website. The Center for Exploration and Documentation of Anomaly Reports is a combined effort of William M. Dranginis, director of the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization (VBRO) and Michael A. Frizzell, research director for The Enigma Project (TEP) in Maryland. Both Dranginis and Frizzell, now also co-directors for CEDAR, have extensive technical backgrounds in industry and academia with 60 years of combined work experience as technologists. As researchers and investigators of unexplained phenomena, they have a combined participatory experience of more than four decades. Their credits include being featured in many media news stories as well as authoring a number of papers on both technical and esoteric subjects. Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization news.. In an attempt to make the EyeGotcha cameras systems more affordable, we have redesigned the entire system, this redesign includes many more options like video motion activation as well as event scheduling. You would think by adding more options, the system would grow in size, but in this case, it has gotten smaller and more rugged. It’s all aluminum construction provides protection for the cutting edge electronics. We have been conducting environmental testing on the final design of the EyeGotcha system in Virginia’s recent cold harsh weather and it’s been working as expected. Please check back for updated information on the EyeGotcha system release and well as current Virginia Bigfoot Research organization news.

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