Are you being watched?

Over the years, many people including hunters, hikers and even Bigfoot researchers have experienced the sense of being watched or stared at while in the woods or walking along a marked trail. The feelings are all the same, they think that someone or something is staring at them even though they are alone. Many times, they can even sense in what direction the feeling is coming from. Most Bigfoot researchers have experienced this phenomenon before, because of this, I have taken the time and energy to conduct some simple research using the web, what I have discovered is amazing! People being trained as Special Agents and detectives are instructed that when following a subject, they must avoid looking directly at the person they are following because the subject will sense that someone is staring at them and immediately become more observant and possibly discover the Detective following them. Military snipers have stated that when they observe their subject through the rifle scope, the subject immediately becomes uneasy and starts looking around as if they are being watched, when it reality, they are! The VBRO has collected Bigfoot sighting reports from hunters that have the exact same story to tell, when the hunter looks down the scope of their rifle to better observe the creature, the Bigfoot suddenly turns around and looks directly at the hunter. The hunters that have experienced this swear that the Bigfoot creature is looking directly at them through the rifle scope. How many times have we felt that we were being stared at in the woods only to find a small bird perched on a branch above, looking down at us? It’s happened to me many times. There is too much documented evidence that there is something to this sense of being watched or stared at. I am in the process of collecting all available scientific data on the subject and will present the research information here and also on the www.CedarFiles.Org website. I will leave you with this information, even people being observed by a CCTV camera from miles away can sense that they are being watched. Controlled experiments prove that a subject in a closed room can sense when someone is observing them on a video monitor many miles away. The subject was instructed to write down the times they sensed they were being observed by another person watching the video monitor many miles away, the results proved that the subject could indeed sense when they were being watched! Could the reason why Bigfoot has eluded game cameras be associated with this type of sense of being watched? Stay tuned!

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