Thermal Imaging Technology

This blog entry is coming to you from Las Vegas Nevada while I’m attending the 2009 InfraMation conference. The InfraMation Conference focuses on Thermal Imaging Science, classroom instruction as well as specialized applications used in the thermal imaging field. Thermal imaging is and will continue to be an extremely useful tool in Bigfoot research but it’s important that people who use the equipment know exactly how to use it. A thermal camera is not a point and shoot device, programming of the camera is required once you reach the research site, things like wind, temperature and humidity can effect the camera readings, so proper training is required if you plan on using the images or video for scientific documentation. To become certified in the use of thermal cameras, you are required to take a week of classroom instruction and pass a rather technical exam. You must also attend continuing education training after you become certified. The thermal imaging industry is advancing at a rapid pace, mainly because the price of the equipment has become more affordable over the last few years and applications for it use have exploded. When the Bigfoot creatures are finally discovered, I’ll bet a thermal camera will have played some part in the discovery. Virginia Bigfoot Research has and is currently using state of the art thermal imaging cameras in its research and being a FLIR Certified Thermographer is a big plus. There are some interesting discoveries that will be made in the future and I think the use of Thermal cameras will bring those discoveries to light!

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