First EyeGotcha Surveillance System Sale!

October 30, 2009, we’re marking this day on our calendar because it was a big day for Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization and a bigger day for EyeGotcha Security Products LLC. It marks the day our first EyeGotcha Wildlife digital video surveillance system was sold. The original EyeGotcha video surveillance system was developed and deployed for Bigfoot research in 1997, it was during that time that we discovered that electronic equipment like surveillance cameras produce ultrasonic sounds that humans can’t hear but some animals can. EMI and RFI are also produced by electronic equipment like game cams, the EyeGotcha was designed and manufactured to eliminate these sounds and emissions. Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace since 1997 so focusing on one EyeGotcha system design was impossible. It was just recently that the price of portable memory storage cards has become affordable and the pace of electronic advancements has slowed enough to permit us to gain a foothold in remote wildlife video recording. The first EyeGotcha sale is a big step forward in getting these systems deployed into wildlife habitats where we hope to finally get some good video of the Bigfoot creatures. Don’t forget to listen to Larry Battson’s Wild World on BlogTalk Radio this Thursday evening at 11:00pm eastern time. Larry’s special guests will be none other than John Green and Bob Gimlin. This will be a very interesting show so please tune it! Here is the link to Larry’s BlogTalk Radio show.

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