Will trees help power your iPhone?

It has happened to all of us at one time or another, your cell phone goes dead after a day’s hike looking for Bigfoot or a weekend by the campfire. If you didn’t bring along an extra battery or you left your cell phone car charger at home, what can you do? The scientists at Voltree Power have the answer, plug your cell phone into a nearby tree! That’s right, Tree Power! The cutting edge scientists at Voltree Power have developed an innovative new product called a Bioenergy Harvestor, this device converts living plant metabolic energy to useable energy that can be used to trickle charge standard batteries that power electronic sensors like temperature/humidity transmitters, wildfire radio alerts, drought monitoring and other remote sensors like surveillance cameras. These Bioenergy Harvesters won’t power your recreational vehicle or your laptop directly, but they do provide scientists with a simple cost effective way to power the new generation of remote wireless mesh sensors that are currently being used for homeland security, environmental and agricultural monitoring, plus new applications are on the drawing board, maybe even the Pine Tree cell phone charger! The new Bioenergy Harvesters are weather resistant, completely quiet and will not damage the host tree, plus they will last the lifetime of the tree. We should applaud companies like Voltree Power that have taken the lead to work with nature, not against it. Maybe the tree huggers were right all along! http://voltreepower.com/ Voltree Power 222 Bolivar Street Canton, MA. 02021-3199 1-781-828-8733 Voltree Power is trademarked by WHLK, LLC.

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