Thermal Infrared Cameras

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The Raytheon NightSight 200 Thermal Imaging system is the real workhorse for nighttime surveillance. This camera detects only the heat given off by objects. So there is no need for any type of artificial lighting. This camera can detect a man up to 800 yards away and still see his legs and arms, day or night. A smaller, more portable Thermal Camera is used when doing deep field study. This handheld thermal camera is about the size of a large flashlight. Its battery powered and has a 2-½ inch LCD display. It also has a video out connector that can be connected to a camcorder for recording or to the video/audio transmitter so the live video can be transmitted back to the research vehicle. This unit has come in very handy in many situations.

I am currently building an inexpensive hand-held Thermal Imager that has a target price of about $6500.00. Most handheld Thermal cameras cost about $10,000.00 and up! I am convinced that Thermal Imaging, coupled with more field research holds the key to unlocking this mystery.

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