Ellet Rd. – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Montgomery County
Sighting Date:
Location:Ellet Rd.
Physical Traits: 6-7` tall, very coordinated, eating
Activity:Eating something
Setting: We were riding our bicycles up Ellet Rd. on the way back from a group ride. We had gotten caught up in our ride, and were a bit late getting back. The sun hadn`t quite set, but it was definitely dusk. Luckily a few of us had lights on our bikes, so those people rode up front and out back, with the rest of us in the middle. About halfway up the road, we had all stopped talking because of the exertion of pushing our weight up the hill. We suddenly smelled something horrible, but figured it was just a skunk or something dead. All of the sudden, Chris said "What the hell is THAT?!" and pointed over to the now barely-visible creek down in the bottom of the gorge. We all looked, and there was a large craeture covered with dark hair squatting down shoving something in his mouth with very human movements. We firt thought it was a bear, but something about it wasn`t right. Than let out a little shriek and started sprinting up the road. This apparently startled the creature, who suddenly looked up right at us. He seemed to examine us for a second before dropping his meal and running swiftly into the woods on two legs. I was more surprised at the smoothness with which the creature ran than the fact that he ran on two legs. It all happened in just a few seconds, but we all remember it very well.
Witnesses: Than White, Chris Betz, Anne Thompson, Ian Million, Racehl Lauer, Stacey Simmons, Lori Simmons.

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