Sugar Tree Amusement Park – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Pittsylvania County
Sighting Date:
Location:This siteing took place on the road that the Sugar Tree Amusement Park was to be and this road comes out into the main highway to 58 just beside the stop sign before you enter that highway 58
Physical Traits: it looked like a very large man standing up right and about 7 ft or more very large with longer arms than a mans arms and they swung slowly it looked as if it would weigh about 350 to 400 pounds and had brownish hair that was flowing with it`s stride and it moved very quickly
Activity:I was going to work early that morning they asked people to work over you could come in early or stay late the plant was so hot with no air we decided to come in to work early . I WAS TO BE THERE AT 3:00 THAT MORNING I DIDN`T LIVE THAT FAR FROM WORK SO THIS SITEING TOOK PLACE AT ABOUT 2:40 THAT MORNING I ALLOWED MYSELF ENOUGH TIME TO PICK UP MY RIDER SO 20 MINS WAS ENOUGH TIME TO GET THERE I was alone and had my radio on , this was summer time and it was very hot I had my window down . I was 21 at the time I had this car it had the dimmer switch on the floor as I past the old store and turned to the straight I seen what I thought was someone with maybe a cigarete and they were moving back and forth I thought oh lord I may have trouble this person maybe drunk and I may have a hard time getting him out of the way . I looked closer leaning into the sterring wheel I said this is not no man with no cigarete it must have been it`s eyes from the car lights I looked and said it is as tall as that stop sign and I looked at it again the body was man like standing straight up and had long arms and they swung I also noticed that the hair was longer and brownish in color the hair looked course and it flowed with it`s arm movement as I got closer I wanted to see it better it was on my right side of the road just in front of the stop sign and before I could get my foot off the floor to hit the high beam to see better it had crossed from the right side to the left side over the fence and out of sight in the wooded area . I was so scared I could just feel the thing on top of the vehicle when I got past the stop sign I didn`t stop I turned right went on to work it felt like he was on top of the car I was so scared I thought he will peel this top off and I am gone when I got to the ladies home to pick her up for work she asked me what is wrong I told her get in I was shaking so bad I asked her to punch my time card for me . I told her and my Daddy they believed me no one else did they made fun of me thats why I never did report this it was nice to have the close relationship with my Dad I never had to worry about him he has past away now but no matter what happened in my life I could always count on him .
Setting:dark road way with woods on both sides next to an old mansion just before the main highway that property has horses and it has old buildings on both sides with a nice fish pond and a guest house there also the other side was to be the Amusement Park which had been abandan for 5 or 6 years construction had been stopped .
Witnesses: none

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