Abandoned house. – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Lee County
Sighting Date:
June 17,2005
Location:Back in the woods far from a town or a house at a abandoned house.
Physical Traits: It was large, walking on 2 legs, and could keep up with them going about 90mph.
Activity:Some guys were out trail hopping on 4wheelers and came across an abandoned house. They decided to stay there a while. And they left and realized they forgot something later on. So around midnight they went back to get what they had left and they heard something in the woods moving. They have been around in the woods their whole life so they know if something is moving on four legs or two. And it definetely was on two. So with that thought in their mind they decide to hop on their 4wheelers and take off. So they take off and they hear something chasing them behind and they are going down a hill with pure rocks. They hear it behind them and they max out their 4wheelers going about 90mph. When they get to the abandoned bridge it stops following them.
Setting:around midnight back at a abandoned house in the mountains.
Witnesses: The 3 guys on the 4wheelers.

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