Wooded area in Rocky Mount VA. -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Franklin County
Sighting Date:
Dec 21 2005
Location:Wooded area in Rocky Mount VA.
Physical Traits: When I reached the trail juncture where my husband and I had to turn back with the dogs the time before I looked about and noticed a branch tripod. About 3 ft by 3 ft. Smaller then I expected. Filmed it. Hiked about. Didn`t see much else. As I was preparing to leave hilltop I heard motion, something big, in scrub and brush about 30 ft north off trail. Stopped to listen and see if it was deer. Seemed pretty big and using "2" steps not "4" Long slow strides, Not to high, maybe 5-6 ft. Could see NO motion in brush, which was odd given how close it seemed. No signs of other hikers at all that day. From area where the motion had stopped something made a `Woo-uf` sound. I carefully pulled the camera up and began filming the area, something them made a `Woo-uf" sound to the right of me about 20 ft to the north off the trail. Nothing visible in the dense brush. No smell, though I commented on the barn like odors I kept wiffing on the lower trails during the hike in. I waited a bit and I heared one more `woo-uf" quieter this time,as in response to the right hand one. I waited a bit more and decided to film over my shoulder as I hiked out. I saw SEVERAL tripods on the way out. Somehow I didn`t notice them on the way in. I also filmed odd branch twisting and bending I dubbed `Pre-Colombian Art." Not the broken over and twisted tree tops but deadfal trees and living branches sculpted into shapes somewhat like tripods. I returned to the car by 1:30pm. I viewed the film but did not hear a single woof. I suspect sub sonic vocalizations. Going again when the weather warms up there.
Activity:Hiking with Video camera to document site.
Setting:Cold, clear day low 40`s Dec 21st about 10 am up in the woods, Lots of ice about. Ground was still frozen from ice storm the week before.
Witnesses: Just me and the camera

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