White Wood -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Buchanan County
Sighting Date:
Summer of 1995
Location:Just off the roadside in White Wood(Twin Valley).
Physical Traits: I was young when this happend somewhere in the range of 13 to 14 and my cousin was almost 16, but it has never left my mind. I had been spending the summer with my older cousin, and we would sneak out during the night and go walking or shooting bb guns. This night it was damp outside and we was walking to a trail to hike that night. While walking on the hard top we was shooting our bb guns at it to watch them go sparking down the road. We came to a curve, and on the left side of the road was the mountain side and was very steep, not mention the ground and leaves being wet. All of a sudden we hear all this brush breaking and something heavy running towards us. We turn to face the noise(towards the mountain side)And then this hugh white figure emerges from the darkness. It was covered in fur and stood taller than any man I`ve ever seen and was very broad. Due to the intence nature of the situation it was like i was in a state of shock. Out of fear and not know what it was or why it came running at us I shot at it with my bb gun and at that moment it stoped dead in it`s tracks on this steep and wet mountain side. My cousin and his friend shot it right after me and at this point it just turned around an ran back up the mountain side so easy and gracefull. The creature didn`t even make a noise as we shot it with our bb guns, and it all happened so fast that i can`t recall the face of the creature. For awhile I thought it might have been a person playing a curel joke on us kids but after thinking about it for years I believe if a person was shot 3 times by a bb gun they would make some kind of noise and wouldn`t run away so gracefully.
Activity:Walking down the road at night,shooting bb guns at the hard top to watch them spark.
Setting:Late night, probably around 1am. Pretty damp outside from a light rain that occurred that day.
Witnesses: My Cousin, and his friend.

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