Off the side of a mountain/hill -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Tazewell County
Sighting Date:

Location:Off the side of a mountain/hill where the boys would catch water.
Physical Traits:
Activity:Well, this tale is second , rather..third hand..however, worth sharing. My father swore by (and still does) an encounter that his elder brother Bill experienced shortly after returning from Vietnam. Now, with the return from Vietnam, you`d be inclined to think, perhaps, he imagined it..however, after witnessing combat , making up tales of "large monkeys or bears" was hardly commonplace. It was one evening at dusk, as the tale was told to me and Bill sat on the front porch drinking at Pepsi-Cola. He looked to his side, and from the corner of his eye he saw "a man". He assumed , without thought, that it was a neighbor from down the way come to sit and talk and Bill responded with .."Well, come on up, Emmit." It was not until Bill had spoken that he realized the man stood at chest height with the porch that was a good six feet off the ground, making the man about nine feet in height ( at least). At the invitation- the man did come up, by "leaping" over the side of the porch. Bill never called it a "Big Foot", instead he called it "a monkey man..or bear man." He said it resembled a man covered in hair and without clothes. Bill looked at it just before he heard his mother coming out from inside and he met her at the screen door , cupping her arms. "Mommy, get back in the house." He told her and she argued. "Bill, I`m just gonna sit here and drink this pop out on the porch." However, Bill nearly shoved her back into the house , repeating. "Mommy, I said ..get back in the house." He followed her in, locking up and putting chairs at the doors and spoons in the windows. It was not until the next day that he told anyone about what he`d seen. He sat up the night entire afraid it would return. He was not the only one to have seen it that evening. A pair of young girls had the same claim, saying that it darted across the dirt road and ditch when they were walking just at dusk. A local man also claimed to have had some dogs, hunting dogs killed in their dog lot the following evening. That was the only account and though Bill passed away some time ago, I find the story worth retelling as I saw the most serious expression on his face whenever it was mentioned or even when my father, Bill`s younger brother would tell the tale.

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