RT 66, Warenton -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Fauquier County
Sighting Date:
December 2004
Location:RT 66, Warenton, Virginia (not on map provided)
Physical Traits: Appeared to be somewhat tall (I`m not sure as to what height), dark fur all over (I only saw the creature from the back). Moved swiftly on two legs and movement was very much like a humans walk with arms swinging freely at sides.
Activity:My husband and I were returning from Charlestown West VA around December of 2004 at about 4:00 AM. It was bitter cold (windchill was about 15/20 below zero on this particular night) and there was not another soul on the road. We were nearing the off ramp for RT 17 South when the headlights picked up a tall, all dark figure walking in the ditch in the wooded median between Eastbound and Westbound traffic lanes. It appeared to have a lengthy stride and the arms moved just like a persons would when walking. I was immediately freaked out. My husband didn`t see it (he was driving and can`t see all that well at night anyway) but he really wanted to turn around on the ramp and go back. I insisted we didn`t because I was way too scared. I now wish I had gone back to look again but it would have probably been long gone by then anyway. I didn`t have a camera either on me, but whenever we travel to Charlestown now I bring my camera along just in case I am lucky enough to spot another bigfoot.
Setting:Wooded median of highway, extremely cold outside (15/20 below zero on this night with the wind chill), Dark, no other cars around.
Witnesses: My husband was driving so I was the only one who saw it.

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