Creek and Pond -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Chesterfield County
Sighting Date:
Location:In a large woooded area with creeks and ponds.
Physical Traits: Foot prints , stick stuctures,vocalizations. I havent seen it yet but I have friends that have.
Activity:Some friends and family have heard veary loud wooping noises and grunting moans.I brought a female friend to this location and it sounded like a cross between a man and cow talking but in a unknown langauge. It was only about 50-75ft away from us and scared her so we both started runing.I have also found stick structures of various sizes. some are so large they could not have been made by a person in these conditions. I have also found many large tracks were a very large and very heavy animal has rutted up the ground. I have a rough mold of a foot print that I made of concreate.It measures 8 wide by 12 long.I have also found a large pile of muskedines right on top of were i took the mold of the foot print. The muskedines were squeezed open instead of eaten whole.I dont think it was a person because of the remote location and the distance from the trail.The pile was fifteen feet from the vines.We have also heard the sound of sticks being beaten together.Last Tuesday I took a co worker back there and and we heard various vocalizations and had rocks thrown at us in two locations. If they were peaople they were crazy because it was late at night and far back in the woods and that kind of thing will get you shot.
Setting:All the time night and day but mostly at night, whenever I go into the woods I usally have an experiance.
Witnesses: I know personaly 14 people that have witnessed these variuos things and the list is going to grow.

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