Bailey Bridge Road -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Chesterfield County
Sighting Date:
10 November 2006
Location:Along creekbed behind my house located along Bailey Bridge Road, area is heavily wooded but recent subdivisions have disturbed the natural setting.
Physical Traits: Soil and mud around the creek was upset and moved around in an unnatural way but was not clear enought to make out a footprint.
Activity:My two jack russell terriers who are normally very quiet started barking viscously and loudly. I stepped out onto my deck thinking someone was crossing through my backyard. I didn`t see anything at first but I shined a flashlite into a small runoff creek where I saw a crouched silouette. I shouted at it thinking that some kid was hanging around my backyard, the silouette rose to about 7 ft and looked in my direction, I couldn`t make out many distinct features but the one thing I do remember is that it`s eyes glowed when reflected by my flashlight like a dog or cats would. It didn`t pay notice to me long and headed upcreek and out of site. The creature moved bi-pedally so I know that it was not a bear or deer.
Setting:Edge of Subdivision, creek runs about 35 yards from deck throught moderately heavy trees. Occured arround 11 pm.
Witnesses: Myself

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