Train Track -Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Spotsylvania County
Sighting Date:
summer 1994
Location:near train tracks on spotsylvania/caroline border
Physical Traits: the figure was a little taller the 6 feet tall, apears to be covered in grayish/brown hair, couldn`t really make out the face, but could tell when it`s head moved, side to side.
Activity:some neighborhood kids and i were riding bikes, we pedaled from our neighborhood in spotsy to nearby fort a.p. hill in caroline county
Setting:well i moved to spotsy when i was just 11 years old that was in 1991. this event happened in 1994. spotsylvania is a rural area. we lived near the border of caroline, (so it was twice as rural, as it could have been). the neighborhood kids didn`t like my brother and i. for being outsiders i guess. but when it`s summerbreak and you`re too young to drive, and there`s no where to hang out(well there wasn`t in 1994, but you should see it now:new schools, ice skating, malls, etc.) but back then nothing but trees, and nascar fans, and my brother and i. but like i was saying when there`s nowhere else to go and nothing to do, sometimes the most unlikely people well put aside there differences and hang out or as it would happen ride bikes. well anyways, one of the kids, said he saw a go-cart body in this pile of junk, so he rallyed all of us to help lift it over this fence that surrounded it. so we hopped on our bikes, followed him and he showed us where it was. we saw the go-cart on top of a junk pile behind an 8 foot fence. unbeknowing to us we were right about to break on to fort a.p. hill by the time half of us climbed the fence we set off an alarm, that scared us off so we pedaled out of there as fast as we could, aboandoning the go-cart body. well prior to reaching the train tracks ralph little brother`s bike chain got caught on the frame and he was moving so fast he flipped his bike. ralph and i went back to see if he was alright, he was and he managed to fix the chain with little trouble (i guess he was used to it) and pedaled ahead of us by the time we reached the train tracks we knew we beyond county lines and safe, but ralph stopped and looked at his right. he was ahead of me so i stopped to avoid another bike accident. i was about to cuss him out when he pointed and said, "look" i looked and i saw it, too. about 50 yards away their was a figure running through the woods. when it meet the clearing of the woods it jumped two sets of traintracks and landed on the other clearing. this distance is easily 10 ten yards. the figure stayed in it`s crouched landing position and looked at us. at that point we both pedaled faster than we`ve ever gone and went straight home, never to mention it to each other again. i`ve learned not to talk about it, because people don`t believe me. you can see it in their eyes. and as for ralph we were never really friends, and as i previously mentioned we lost contact over the years.
Witnesses: the others pedaled ahead on ralph and myself. i haven`t spoken to him since this happened and we both went our separate ways, but he saw it too.

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