Chasapeake Bay – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Hanover County
Sighting Date:
Location:Somewhere on one of the tributaries of the Chasapeake Bay The story was related to me by my mother`s cousin.
Physical Traits:
Activity:Every year my cousin who is a deacon along with other deacons would, I believe, once a year rent a boat and go fishing. Well this particular year possible late 70`, early 80` they went fishing on a Sunday, although my cousin was not with them when the other deacon returned the story was told. While fishing something black and hairy came out from under the water and screamed at them. Was told it had a head as big as a washtub and that it scared them to the point the captain of the boat took off without even trying to raise the anchor of the boat. This story was first told to me in 1983 and was reaffirmed on 1/21/06 when I visited them after another cousin

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