Wallens Ridge – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Lee County
Sighting Date:
October 2004
Location:Wallens Ridge,Big Stone Gap VA.
Physical Traits: I didn`t ever see anything, it stayed hidden. It was as if it knew not to approach the truck. But was not scared to come that close.
Activity:I was squirrel hunting on a ridge up near the top of the mountain. I had a mtn. curr dog with me. The dog went up the hollow next to the ridge and stayed gone for awhile, so I called him back. Then he ran straight back again, like he was interested in something so I just waited. Then I heard the loudest, most terrifying sound I had ever heard. I thought well it can`t be too bad. Then it did it again and I really thought then that I was in trouble. It sounded like a demon it was so loud. I mean it was still 2 or 300 yards away, but so loud that it was blood curdling. It made me shiver. I only had a single barrel 12 guage with only about 6 shells, and I immediately felt that I didn`t have enough gun to protect myself. So I left down the ridge. I then had to go out the road a little to get to the truck. When I got to the truck, the dog was already there and the creature was about 40 or 50 yards up in the woods yelling like a mad man or something. It was so bad I wondered if it could even be of this world. It sounded like a man but too loud and it groaned some and it was almost like a weeping. Then get loud and sound like a man in terrible anguish and pain. I sat in my truck listening for twenty minutes. It finally moved up the hill and quietened down. So I went home and told my wife and daughter. We decided to go back. It was 6oclock, the event began at 4oclock. When we stopped and turned off the truck, we could still hear it faintly up toward the top, several hundred yards away. It still sounded like it was howling or moaning like a mad man. We all agreed that it was not like anything we had heard before. I have been in the mtns. all my life, this was no ordinary animal. I have listened to animal sounds to compare, bears panthers, everything I could think of. Nothing was even close till I began to listen to some bigfoot audio. My family and I all agree that it really did sound just like some of the recorded bigfoot audio that we listened to. I also know of other similar accounts in this area from some pretty credible people.
Setting:It was a nice sunny afternoon in October,2004. Not much wind, just calm.
Witnesses: Wife and daughter.

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