Duffield – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Scott County
Sighting Date:
april 2007
Location:Next to the rail road tracks in the woods above Duffield up from the Dan`l Boone gas station.
Physical Traits: We never could make it out, it was to dark & it was staying hide in the shadows.
Activity:Me & a friend were out walking one night & we had walked up to the rail road. When we got up to the tracks were a crossing is, we were suprised & scared by this load, hair-raising scream that was the most awful sound I have ever hurd in my life. At first it sounded like it was down from us about 30-50ft away then we hurd it moving through the brush up to the rail road it then crossed the tracks & got right up above us. Then all the sudden these rocks come flying at us from out of no were it seemed like, one flew right past me & almost hit me in the shoulder. We decided to get out of there then, after we got back down to the road, we could still hear it screaming. I dont think it just came up & decided to attacked us, I think we just ran into it on accident & scared it.
Setting:It was around 9-10 o`clock at night, in the spring time
Witnesses: My Friend

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