Outside Draper – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Pulaski County
Sighting Date:
august 1996, 97 or 98
Location:Outside Draper Va. Horseshoe campground on isolated part of Claytor Lake, upper camp We were usually the only campers up there and always went when it was empty during the week. Also we would usually be gone till late at night because we did the fair.
Physical Traits: very loud, none
Activity:Didn`t SEE anything. In the middle of the night (a.m.) we awoke to dreadful screaming. We thought maybe a cow was being attacked.Big cat? There was the really loud screaming and howling/bawling.(more than one thing making noise at the same time) It felt like it was right nearby, very loud. Lasted several minutes. We were scared and afraid to go out of the tent. We just tried to be very quiet and left the flashlights off. Next day campground caretaker said `oh, that was just a cow.`(the comotion had come from another property that could only be approached from the other side of the mt. so we couldn`t check it out later. We had been camping there for ten yrs and never heard that. I tried to search about `screaming cows` and found only jokes. I don`t think a cow could sound so terrifying. I never knew or thought then about bigfoot. If you think cows do that then don`t post this...Also same trip went hiking to next big hay fld (very secluded, top of mt). We all got the creeps and kept feeling like we were being followed etc. Finally decided to leave. I know this all may be nothing. For what it`s worth.
Setting:In the middle of the night (a.m.) campground on isolated part above Claytor Lake, upper camp. We were usually the only campers up there and always went when it was empty during the week. There was a cow pasture on the other side of the hill/mt top we were on. hay fields and woods, lake below(very secluded, top of mt).
Witnesses: (fam of 6, 4 kids age 7-18)

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