River Bottom – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Washington County
Sighting Date:
2/9/08 (Odor)
Location:River bottom along Middle Fork of the Holston River
Physical Traits: Unusual odor. We had been cutting wood one week-end and returned the next week-end to collect some wood that had been left behind. The wind was very calm this day and it was very still. As we neared this area all three of us noticed a strong unusual odor that was hard to describe. I had not dicussed Bigfoot with either of these two friends before, but I said "They say Bigfoot stinks". Mike said "Skunk Ape", and Tandy said "You all have been watching too much Monsterquest". We all agreed that the foul odor was unlike any thing any of us had ever smelled before. I could not describe it at the time. It smelled bad, and had different components. The undertone was the hardest to identify. But after much thought, which may have influenced this description, I feel like it was some where in between wet musty dog hair and skunk odor mixed with a heavy overtone of filthy excrement. Also, the next week-end we went back to this same place to cut and gather more wood. We jumped a small deer as we walked up to the swag in the woods, but the deer did not show any fear of us. A short while later I picked up a piece of wood that was about 36" long and 10" in diameter. I detected a strong urine odor. The piece of wood was wet on the bottom in a circular pattern, about 8" wide by 12" long, where it had been on the ground. I had the impression that the log had been moved over the spot where the urine was on the ground, and I know none of us had done this. After discussion with Mike, he said that in the 1970`s along Collinswood Road near Bristol, some kids were playing in their backyard and said they had seen a Bigfoot and it smelled bad. Also, I hiked up to the top of Mollys Knob in Smyth County Wednesday. It had rained almost two inches eight days before. The gound had mostly dried. A lot of the ground that was soft had frozen when it was wet. When this happens it sort of pushes the dirt up in columns. I saw one of these areas just before reaching the peak that looked liked it could have included a footprint. It was very indistinct, I had the impression that a foot had steped there before the it had frozen. I said to myself, if that is a footprint it is huge. I put my foot beside it and I would estimate that the area on the ground was 16-17" long. Again, I can not say this was a footpint, but there was a large impression on the ground. As a sidelight I have seen bear prints that pushed ice up 3-4" tall after the bear had passed.
Setting:Open field near edge of woods. The local landform contains a swag in the woods on the hillside that is more protected from the wind than the field and surrounding wooded area.
Witnesses: Tandy R. and Mike T.

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