Woodway – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Lee County
Sighting Date:
late nov 1997
Location:Woodway, old woodway road
Physical Traits: 8 ft tall hair cover his hole body
Activity:Well this story happend in 1997. A man named of Walter was deer hunting late november when his family noticed that he had not come home. Walter was 48 yrs old and lived in lee county all his life. We got a call that he was missing and was ask if we could go help look for him. It was getting late and the sun had already set. We knew that He had a spot where he hunted on his land and went there first. There was signs that he had been there. Later on that night as we returned back to his house. We saw him sitting on the edge of his field staring into space his cloths was shreded off him . HE WAS WHITE As A GHOST. We got him home and he started telling us what had happend, he said that he reached his hunting spot and enter his deer blind. He said he sat there about a hour when he heard somthing coming through the woods excited he thought A deer. well 25 to 30 min went by and the deer came up about 20 to 30 yrds just out of the thick woods where he was hunting and took the shot. The deer took off up the hill where he was sitting and 15 min he took off after it. trailing the blood from the deer he walked on to a logging road where he saw what look like a man ripping the deer apart. In his anger he yelled at the man and he said when it stood up its stood 8 ft tall and had very thick hair from head to toe. they made eye contact for a few sec and it let out a scream he said that sounded like a women but so loud it hurt his ears. He then said that he went to his knees with his hands over his ears looking at the ground when he felt his body get slung back in to the woods and his head hitting a somthing hard and he was out. When he awoke he was sitting in the field not knowing how he got back to the edge of the woods. we went back the next day and seen blood on the ground where he said the deer was laying and the ground was 2 hard for prints.
Setting:cold dry about 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Witnesses: me my bro, dad and mom his wife just seen his cloths.

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