Gordonsville – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Louisa County
Sighting Date:
early nineteen seventies
Location:about ten miles west of Gordonsville
Physical Traits: n/a
Activity:This happened back in 1971 or 72. Myself and a friend were exploring woods adjacent to my fathers house, must have been aboout ten or so in the morning. We were exploring, and boys do, paying particular attention to nothing. There suddenly came loud bellowing noises, almost moanlike, coming from somewhere just ahead of us. We could herebrush rustling and we instantly took off in the direction of my fathers property. whatever was behind us was following us as these moans grew increasingly louder and closer. i was in such a hurry to flee the scene that I ran strait into a barbed wire fence that upended me, adding to my terror. We didn`t stop until we were well clear of what wqas once behind us. Exhausted we just looked at each other with utter fear in our eyes. We never had an explanation of what it was but we resolved to say that it had to have been a Bigfoot, It`s moan was much to humanlike to have been an animal. Freaky stuff!!!
Setting:heavy thicketed woods. Western Virginia style.
Witnesses: My friend was a kid named Stuart Shemp, lived across the road from my father.

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