Chestnut Knob – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Henry County
Sighting Date:
Dec 8, 2007
Location:Chestnut Knob rd. in the Horsepasture district of the county.
Physical Traits: I was returning home from an activity at the time and this route was always a short cut home for me. This area is well known for it`s abundance of wildlife. The road is also very twisting and full of curves so I was taking my time driving through trying to avoid an encounter with a deer, but as I turn through one of the curves my headlights caught a glimpse of somethings legs and only the legs just as it was stepping back into the wooded area. I can only describe what I saw but even though it was very brief it just stands out in my mind very vividly. The legs were huge and hairy with the hair being a reddish color and it seemed very long with the lack of a lot of hair on the actual feet and the bottom of the one foot that I saw raised was a grayish color. It was very cold out and my windows were up so I did not catch any type of smells. I was some what in awe about it and have told no one but my wife until now.
Setting:Night at around 9:30pm returning home from and activity.
Witnesses: Just Myself

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