Somerset Trigate – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Chesterfield County
Sighting Date:
February 27, 2009
Location:Somerset Trigate road
Physical Traits: 7ft 8 400 lbs or more most of the weight seems to be up top, extremely hairy especially in the facial area. The other creature was about 4 ft tall and shaped in the resemblance of a bell probably 250-275 lbs.
Activity:this creature has been seen various times flinging feces in peoples yards. I think he was marking his territory. He is followed by a very similar but extremely shorter version of the same species.
Setting:early in the morning around 7 am and late in the evening around 8 pm.
Witnesses: 24

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