Edge of Bull Run Park – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Prince William County
Sighting Date:
August 2009
Location:Edge of Bull Run Park adjacent to my house.
Physical Traits: Heavy deep breathing/panting, great speed, heavy footsteps, great throwing ability and apparently will scare the crap out of a dog.
Activity:About 9:30 pm in August 2009 we had a series of three nights around my house that were just bizarre. I heard from my wife later that she was the only one that heard something the first night as she was bed ridden after some foot surgery. That night she heard our dog barking and running at something and then she heard the dog yelp as if he had been kicked. He acted very scared for the next few months and at times would not even go outside unless you forced him. The second night was the most bizarre. That night myself, my wife and my oldest daughter were sitting in our living room when we heard three distinct knocks in quick succession. The knocks sounded as if they were wood on wood and almost as if they were against the house but since our house does not have wood siding, that could not be the case. We first flipped on our outside lights and then tried to look outside but the outside lights did not illuminate the entire yard and so I scrambled for a flashlight. All the flashlights I could find readily available had dead batteries. So I took off out the front door so that if someone was in our backyard their most likely escape would be through the front yard and I was going to catch them. My youngest daughter being really curious took off after me and soon we were standing just inside the gate in our backyard in the poor lighting staring into the forest right outside our property line (Bull or Broad run park not sure of the name). As we stood there we both heard loud and deep breathing. Deep as if it were a large bear but emanating from higher in the air than I would have expected a bear to be. This went on for about 30 seconds and still not being able to see into the dark woods and not wanting to mess with something that sounded like a panting grizzly bear I decided to pick up a log about 2inches in diameter and whack the tree next to me a few times to see if I could scare the unidentified creature off. After about 8 strikes against the tree I heard the creature run off deeper into the woods with a speed (branches and leaves sounding out the progress) with the speed of a deer that had been startled but they were heavy distinct footsteps that did not seem to take very many to leave the area. I told my daughter that it was probably a deer and we should go inside since it left. Actually I did not want her outside in case it came back. It did come back (or something did) that next night. This time it was about 10pm and my wife was upstairs again in our bedroom watching tv when I heard her call for me. When I got upstairs she told me that she heard something thrown against the house like a rock. She said she hear a couple of them hit the house. I turned on the lights again but this time I was content to watch from our second story bedroom window. About a week or so later I awoke about 2am to hear what sounded like a shriek and became aware of a strong skunk odor. Not sure it was a skunk though as I have smeeled plenty of those but it was pervasive like that smell. I thought a rabbit might have been stuck in our fence but it ended abruptly and I went back to sleep. Something else has seemed peculiar to me lately. Since the time we moved into this house I had constantly seen deer in my front yard and sometimes even in my driveway but ever since the timeframe of those events we have not seen any deer around here at all. I used to see them all the time but now they have just vanished. The dog is no longer afraid to go out but now I keep plenty of working flashlights and guns at the ready.
Setting:Around 9-10pm for three nights with not much in the way of moonlight. Hot and dry so upon looking around there was nothing of discernible tracks as the clay soil was hard and cracked.
Witnesses: Me, wife and two daughters.

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