Mendota – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Washington County
Sighting Date:
Physical Traits:
Activity:I moved onto a house on a 500 acre farm that had not been lived in for some years in 2006. The first winter there, I had several observations of what I think was bigfoot activity on the property. However, the most direct was I was walking from my house to the car (which is about 400 yards away over a swinging bridge), when I heard a creature on the ridgetop opposite me calling out. It was so close (800 yards or less) that I stopped and started imitating its call. It continued for a couple of more calls and then stopped. Other activity, something whacked a tree in my yard with a stick really loudly at night during the first Summer I spent here. Two years later (2009) I found a 16" footprint in the mudpuddle in the driveway. The mud had mostly dried and the footprint was holding the last water in the puddle. It then hardened and was there for a few weeks before it rained again.
Setting:Allegheny mountain, very rural and mountainous. Mostly hardwood with open valleys. Lots of caves in the area because of the limestone.
Witnesses: Ken Griffith

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