Stubbs Bridge Rd. – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Spotsylvania County
Sighting Date:
Location:Spotsylvania County, Stubbs Bride Rd.
Physical Traits:
Activity:I just got off work at about 8:30 on November 10 and I was on my way home to work on my car. It was cold out and dark with a full moon. I decided to park my car in the back of my house, so I could use the porch light for working on my car. Then I started jacking my car up, I hear something brushing through the woods. I did not think much of it; I thought it may be a deer or some little creature. So then I stopped, and looked around, I thought I felt something staring at me. And then I heard it brushing through the woods again. This time I decided to get off the ground and go and investigate. I grabbed a flashlight and I flashed it at the woods. To my surprise a big, hairy creature looked at me, he looked 8 feet tall and he looked like a chimpanzee but he had the face of a man. He walked on 2 legs. He looked me in the eyes and he turned around and he started running. So I had this fear in my mind that he would come back. So I ran inside and I told my brother about what happened and like all people he didn
Setting:backyard of my house at night
Witnesses: Me

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