Creek – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Prince William County
Sighting Date:
dec 09 - june 2011
Location:my housecreek
Physical Traits: it was tall blackish and smelled like raw sewage
Activity:From winter 09 till now i`ve been doing research for what i saw in my creek i have done research my creek is not possible for bigfoot but it was probaly just passng threw. In winter 09 i was getting firewood i had 8 loads to get but around load 3 i started smelling a foul smell i ignore it but after another load i heard rustling deep in the underbrush i saw a big figure and i stood still. I looked at it for about 20 seconds then i heard a large roar and i droped my wood in headed inside where i told my parents they didn`t believe me. so i ran up stairs gotmy pellet gun and went back down to my shed and saw nothing where i saw it the first time but i still could smell it so i got another 2 loads and stayed away from my shed and creek for the last 2 weeks of winter. i know it was a pigfoot cause theres no bear and barley any deer in my creek and my creek is in length about 5 - 10 miles long and 4-6 miles wide. but ever since then i hear screams at night but lately the screams have stoped for the last few weeks now but ever sngle time i go down there i hear screams deep in the north of the creek and i know its watching me and im terrified.
Setting:the creek i live by dosn`t have fish and no berries or mushrooms the closes thing is acrons and nuts. its hard to walk threw and its stream is like 5 ft deep and its like a rapid.
Witnesses: myslef i was 12 now im 14

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