Crozet, Va. – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Albemarle County
Sighting Date:
Sept. 2011
Location:Crozet, Va. September of 2011
Physical Traits:
Activity:Retreating at a Cabin in the woods alone, about a mile from a Monastery, on their property.
Setting:On two separate days, two very odd occurences. On the one day as I was walking from the cabin to the monastery along a dirt road through the woods, I smelled something like rotting flesh. Then somebody hurled a pebble at me twice from out of a very dense area of low brushy woods where nobody would have gone into. But there was no one there. On the way back from the monastery, I walked past the same area but the rotting flesh smell was no longer there. A couple of days later while still staying at the same location, something very heavy walked up on the front porch of my cabin during the day, during the torential rain that was being dropped from that tropical storm. I could not see it from where I was seated but heard it, and I froze with fear. It made the whole front of the cabin crack. I thought maybe a bear or deer, but then I saw out the window I was seated in front of that someone or something was gently pulling the corner of the window screen way out. There was no wind at all blowing. I could not see who or what was doing this. Just that the screen was being pulled out, then let go. Then the heavy cracking noise of the front of the cabin happened again and it was gone. I frantically called the monastery and three sisters came down to check things out, but found nothing. I dont know how I managed to stay there that last night, but did. The next day, I noticed a half inch round hole that went clear through the back bumper of my car ( which had been parked next to the cabin. ) The hole goes clear through from top to bottom, and had not been there the day before. Until I discovered this website, I had convinced myself that I experienced a demon. Now I am wondering about it. Somebody else here reports having seen Bigfoot in this county, so maybe that is what I experienced???
Witnesses: I was by myself, but I did not actually see it.

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