Peppers Ferry Rd – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Pulaski County
Sighting Date:
Early fall 2009
Location:Woods a few hundred yards from Peppers Ferry Rd (rt 610)
Physical Traits: Saw nothing but we were screamed at from the darkness.
Activity:We were hunting for coyote and groundhogs. It was an afternoon hunt, after hiking through cow pastures we made it to the deeper tree line. The sun was getting low and it was time to turn back for the car. Darkness fell and we were still several hundred yards from the gate and our car. Travelling without lights, guns unloaded and just talking casually we passed a stand of trees at the base of a hill that overlooks the pastures. This is when we got the shit scaried out of us. With no warning, no sounds of movement or shadows in the moonlight, we heard a tremendous scream that came from something that had great lung capacity. We were exposed and clearly outlined by the moon, the noise came from just inside the stand of trees about 100 yards to our side. What began as a momentary growl in the dark turned into a tremendous yell/scream that had us jogging for the car while reloading the rifles. After talking with a few people it was suggested we encountered a mountain lion, but i still disagree based on nothing but intuition.
Setting: Rural roads and homes, pastures, cows, hills and creeks, thick woods. Had seen bear in pasture, feeding on apple trees several weeks before.
Witnesses: Good friend, who is experienced hunter and had hunted this property many times before.

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