Skulls Gap – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Smyth County
Sighting Date:
October 2011
Location:skulls gap on the old road at the old parking area where the shelter is. just off white top mtn. rd.
Physical Traits: long arms and black fur or hair about six and a half or seven ft. tall. bipedal muscular long fingers. was faceing me but couldnt make out facial features. was about 40 to 50 yards away. at dusk with clear skylight on a ridge. its hands were swinging at its knees when it walked and its legs were kinda short but i could only see just below its knees. it was just over the ridge a little. it was humped over just a little when it stepped off.
Activity:muzzle loader hunting
Setting:first heard leaves like a tree beying shaken. then a loud grunt like` aarrggghh, walked up on it a couple min. later standing in the power line cut. on ridge. it turned to its left and took two steps and covered 30 feet or a little less and dissapeard into laurels. It was about 50 deg. clear calm no wind just at sunset or little after. was light enough to see good.
Witnesses: yes their were 2 of us and we saw it at different times. It walked up on the other witness and kinda spooked him so he got the heck outta thar. he didnt call and tell me. just let me walk up on it. it was standing where the other witness was supposed to be.

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