Explore Park – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Roanoke County
Sighting Date:
Feb 2012
Location:Explore Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway Roanoke/VA
Physical Traits: Occasionally I will walk trails for exercise. Ocasionally I will take my dogs with me. Today,I was alone and heard strange calls of an animal that was not normal, or should I say normally heard. Sounded very, very much like your media clip. I really did not want to post this, but I feel like I heard a sasquatch howling that day. I did not stick around to find out either. I scanned the woods about twice and then hauled ass. I get goose bumps talking about it. I really wish that someone was with me that day, to verify to me that I was not insane. I really believe in my heart and gut . . . It was a Big Foot. It sure was not an owl or anything else, I am sure.
Activity:Mountain Trails ect.
Setting:Fall 2012 / Overcast, Cold and Breezy. Beautiful Fall Day. Coat and hat weather in mid thirties/lower forties. Leaves still on the trees, just a magnificent day for walking the trails.
Witnesses: No witnesses

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  1. blackcloud24014

    Our group would be willing to meet you and go down with you so we could investigate.

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