1964 – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Chesterfield County
Sighting Date:
Location:I no longer live in Va. but was born in Richmond and my aunt had a place, I think, in Chesterfield Co. on several acres next to some woods. I live in Ca. but I receive Virginia Magazine and read this article and was immdediately reminded of my 14 yr. old experience of seeing something I could never explain. Not sure this does now either, the thing I was was WHITE.
Physical Traits: 7 to 10 ft. with barrel chest, didn`t notice feet. Arms up, hands dangling. It was walking on the edge of the woods then went back into the woods when "it" spotted us.
Activity:Out walking in a yard near the woods with my cousin playing when we were kids around 1964.
Setting:I`ve never told too many people this bec. they think you`re crazy. My cousin and I were at a family gathering, somewhere outside of Richmond, maybe Chesterfield and my aunts place was sev. acres and woods nearby. Around 1964, my cousin and I were 14. We went to the edge of the woods and suddenly saw, not very deep in the woods, a tall, furry looking man...arms up but dangling hands, very big head, lumbering walk....but it was WHITE all over....we looked at each other and ran to the house to tell our family members, but no one believed us and all laughed. If my cousin were alive today, she would recall how scared we were to see something this big and so unidentifiable. Strange that it was white, all white.
Witnesses: Only my 14 yr. old cousin, now deceased. We were 14. I am now 62 yrs. old and have never forgotten the experience. Don`t know where my aunt lived then.

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    Is it possible for you to comment a link from google maps to where you estimate you saw it?

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