Natural Bridge site. – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Rockbridge County
Sighting Date:
Location:Natural Bridge site.
Physical Traits: Heavy forested area, we were in a small clearing somewhere close to the trail leading to the bridge, in a picnic area. Daytime, light to medium rainfall had started, summertime.
Activity:just need to tell this before I pass, as a child of 12 yrs I and my 5 year old brother has an encounter, I have never shared this with anyone, and it was so long ago, but very much in my memory forever. My parents and other relatives took us to the Natural Bridge site in Virginia, seems like we walked and walked the grounds of the site, my brother and I got tired and asked to stay behind while my parents and relatives continued on to see the bridge. My parents placed my brother and I in a picnic area and we were told to stay till they returned from the bridge. I sat on a bench and my brother played with sticks and remained active while we waited, it started to rain lightly, then the rain incresed and I can still hear the sound of that rain dancing on the leaves, it was very quiet and peaceful. That ended abruptly when I heard branches breaking and crashing as something came towards us. I ran and picked up my brother and backed away from the picnic area, the branches continued to break and then we saw this creature, about 7 feet tall and looking like an ape with a terrifying man`s face, this creature was covered with fur,standing upright. My brother screamed and I could not breathe and my heart was pounding, I was scared it was a bear, but no bear looks like this and walks upright out of the forest, I knew years later that this was a Bigfoot from all the descriptions and possible photos and renderings that I have seen in my adult years. As soon as it made the clearing, it looked right at us and turned and walked into the woods. I continued up the trail carrying my brother to try and find my family, I remember I could not talk and had a hard time comforting my brother, I was terrified. When we got to our parents they could instantly tell we were in distress, and i could not verbalize what had happened I was just shaking telling them we had to go. I kept telling my family something came out of the forest, my father went looking through the woods from the site where we saw the creature and he was very concerned, my mother knew we were in trama and she started to cry, she assumed it was a man trying to get me, NOT SO! My uncle who lives there in VA. told everyone is was probably a bear, and from there on, it ended. I tried for many years to tell my parents what we saw, but they would not listen, they felt the trama caused me to assume it was something other than what I saw. I am now in my 50`s and remember that day as if it was just yesterday, my brother still cannot talk about it. Life has changed and I could not imagine ever leaving my children alone while I continued up a trail but back then in the 60`s life was safer and slower. I am an avid hiker and mountain traveler as an adult, but I keep my eyes and ears open while in the wilderness to this day, I know what it out there. I have never returned to the Natural Bridge site, sorry still scared after 40+ years
Setting:Natural Bridge site in Virginia.
Witnesses: my 5 yr old brother

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