Dry Fork – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Pittsylvania County
Sighting Date:
Nov. 2000
Location:Dry Fork
Physical Traits: Late fall, low 30`s F. Very clear, quiet night.
Activity:I`ve spent my life farming, hunting, fishing, and camping in south central VA. The night, my now wife, and I heard those vocalizations, I was very much excited. I have read a lot and watched a lot on tv pertaining to unknown bi-pedal apes world wide. I have always kept an open mind, but that night was the catalyst. What we heard was not plausible, not at least for locally known animals. I am an avid nocturnal predator hunter, I`ve spent hours calling animals in very remote places at the darkest hours of night. What my wife & I heard that night was nothing normal. I was in the house when she heard "them". She stepped inside and asked me to come out and tell her what animal she was hearing. I very casually walked out, expecting to hear a coyote or bobcat. What I heard was far more powerful and intense! My words in simple text, cannot describe the shear intensity & power of the "yell" I was hearing. Two of these creatures were "screaming" back & forth in tandom. One if them I would estimate at maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a mile. The other, that was apparently responding, sounded to be ~2 miles to the NE. The best description I can give is a recording from Ohio, late 70`s I think. Either way, the instant I heard that, I very much started rethinking my view on who and what I share these woods with. I would also like to add, I`m not a "fanciful" type of person. I`m very much confused by what we heard that night, they were very powerful in their call. I would just like to know others have had similar experiences.
Setting:White Mountain
Witnesses: My wife

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