Goshen Scout Reservation – Sighting

Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization Sighting Report.
Names have been retracted to protect confidentiality.

County: Rockbridge
Sighting Date:
Location:Camp Bowman in Goshen Scout Reservation, Site 8 (Robinson)
Physical Traits: No creature sighted physically besides broken branches left behind
Activity:Was camping in Goshen Scout Reservation on 7/2/15 (Specifically Camp Bowman). Heard strange stomping in middle of the night, felt like something was coming up a hill behind my tent.
Setting:Partially raining

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  1. whistle

    Can you tell us anymore? Why do you think it was a big foot? Why not someone playing a gag? When you say “stomping”, do you mean a standing still stomping or stomping down each step in a walk or run? I’m very interested as my son is camping at Goshen this week. He is in Olmsted. What else did you notice or think of at the time? It may seem to you to be silly, but I bet it’s not. Now that you’ve gotten away from the area and are back home, do you think you could have made a mistake? Did you see on this website that someone else – not too far from where you were – saw a big foot or heard one the same night you did. Check it out. Thanks for reporting what you heard. It’s appreciated

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