Non-Human Foot found in Landfill


I wanted to update everyone on the “Foot” found in the Spotsylvania, Virginia landfill on Saturday 2/10/07.
Please use the following link to the story.


I contacted Bill Freehling of the Freelance Star upon learning of the “Foot” found in the landfill. I also contacted the Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith and Pete Marone, Director of the Virginia Division of Forensic Science. It is my intent to travel to Richmond tomorrow to view the “Foot” and take photos and possibly obtain a DNA sample. I will offer to take the “Foot” to our Primatologist so we can correctly identify the foot. The “foot” was deemed primate because of the X-rays taken of it.
VBRO was already prepared for such a scenario and have extremely qualified people in place that are willing to conduct scientific testing, including DNA testing on the foot, the testing could be completed in days. We will be using this blog to relay our latest news concerning the foot. As soon as we know something, we will post it here.

Thank you.

William Dranginis

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