The Landfill Foot

The State Medical Examiner has already determined the foot is not human, so further testing must be conducted to identify what animal the foot came from. The Sheriff’s department announced that they will send the foot out for further testing. It will now be a simple process of elimination. My thoughts are the foot found in the landfill is a rear hind foot of a bear. After speaking with an anthropologist and seeking bear hind foot photos on the web, it seems like this is the case. I cannot be 100% positive until an anthropologist actually inspects the foot. Once further testing has been completed, I believe the mystery will be solved once and for all.

As Bigfoot researchers go, any possible evidence to prove the existence of these creatures would be wonderful. I would not want these creatures harmed in anyway just to obtain evidence. Because of my 1995 Bigfoot sighting in Culpeper VA, I know for a fact these creatures exist in Virginia and establishing peaceful contact with them is a real possibility. But the only way to establish contact with these creatures is to locate people that already have been experiencing continued visitations. These people have been difficult to locate because they really don’t want to go public because of the possible ridicule they may receive, so I can’t blame them.

In a case like this, the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization would respect the property owner’s wishes and allow only a select of qualified researchers to conduct the research on the property. This research would consist of installing covert surveillance systems designed by us to be placed in several locations around the property that will be remotely monitored from the internet. Once we have video evidence showing the creatures are indeed visiting the property, we would call in people like Jane Goodall to help initiate the next step in the contact process. I have met with Jane Goodall and other professionals who are ready to help out once documented proof is obtained. Locating scientific evidence of the creature’s existence now lies in the hands of Bigfoot researchers worldwide, the scientific community will only take notice once we come up with undeniable proof that these creatures exist.

Discoveries like the foot in the landfill quickens the heartbeat of every Bigfoot researcher, but all of us realize it probably won’t be that easy.
Stay tuned!

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